Тесты 6 класс

1. Where is _____ pretty, pink sweater I bought last week?
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
2. I have ___ dog. His name is Ben.
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
3. I like ___ beautiful, brown coffee table in your living room. Where did you buy it?
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
4. You should have some ___ chicken soup because you have a cold
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
5. I have to buy ___ new lamp for the bedroom. I will go to the store on Saturday to find one that matches the other colors in the room.
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
6. What does he do for ___ living?
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
7. It is really hot here. We live close to ___ equator.
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
8. I'm studying ___ biology in school right now.
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
9. I have ___ unusual problem. Can I talk to you about it?
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
10. Do you like playing ___ baseball?
  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___
 11. ___Emily lives in ______Baker Street in___ London.

  1. a
  2. an
  3. the
  4. ___

7 класс

for 11.09.15

Complete the story. Use the correct form of the Past Simple or Past Continuous.

A few years ago, when I 1)___(be) a student, I 2)_____(arrange) to meet a friend who 3)____(visit) London for a weekend. Unfortunately, I 4) _____(forget) to ask him one very important  thing-the full name and address of his hotel. I 5)____(not have) any way to contact him, so I just 6)___(decide) to look for him in the busiest street in the city! What 7)___I____(think)? Anyway, I  8)____(begin) to give up when  - you`ve guessed  it -I 9) _____(look) up and 10)____(see) my friend. He 11)______(walk) straight towards me with a big smile on his face.

6 класс

Домашнее задание на 17.09

10 класс


                                                 The plan of the lesson
Mind map 
Virtual travelling is the movement of people to different places
 with the help of the Internet. 

Тесты 10 класс

          Test 'Do you know Britain'.  

What people lived on the British Isles in the early days of history?

     a) the Romans                b) the Britons

     c) the Irish                      d) the English

What country isn't situated in Great Britain?

      a) England              b) Scotland

      c) Wales                 d) Northern Ireland

Big Ben is

       a) the clock tower     b) the clock

       c) the bell                  d) the man   

Where did English people come from?

      a) Germany           b) France
       c) Norway             d) Sweden

Sir Christopher Wren was

      a) a writer           b) a poet

      c) an architect     d) an artist

How many countries does the UK consist of ?

        a) 3                  b) 4

        c) 5                  d) 6

British children take GCSE exams at the age of

         a) 15                b) 16

         c)17                 d)18

British teenagers take A-level exams at the age of

        a)16                b)17

        c)18                d)19

How old is London ?

       a) 1000 y.o.     b)2000 y.o.

        c)500 y.o.        d)300 y.o.
Speakers Corner is in

        a) St. James' Park      b) Regent's Park

         c) Hyde Park             d) Covent Garden

Which football club is English ?

          a) Valensia             b) Chelsey

           c) Real                    d) Inter

Sir Christopher Wren built

         a) Buckingham palace   b) St. Paul's Cathedral

         c) Westminster Abbey    c) The Tower

How long has Elizabeth 11 been on the throne?

       a) 40             b) 50

        c) 30            d) 60

What is the City?

  a) Business Centre    b) Industrial Centre

  c) Cultural Centre     d) Shopping Centre           
Who stands at the head of the UK ?

     a) The Queen           b) The President

     c) The Parliament     d) The Congress

What currency is used in Britain?

    a) dollars             b) pounds

    c) euro                  d) franks

What is the oldest building in London?

   a)  Buckingham Palace     b) The Tower

   c) The Bank of England     d) Big Ben

Downing Street ,10- is  the address of

     a) Lord Mayer           b) The Queen

      c) Prime Minister       d) Prince Charles

Covent Garden is

      a) a market           b) a bank

      c) a supermarket         d) a shopping centre

Nelson's Colomn is situated in

    a) Downing St.         b) Trafalgar Square

    c) Piccadilly Circus    d) Oxford St.

What's a traditional British food?

        a) pizza                 b) hot-dog

        c) fish & chips      d) hamburger

The first invaders of the British Isles were

         a) The Normans                b) The Danes

         c) The Germanic Tribes   d) The Romans

The Tower of London now is

        a) a museum            b) a palace

        c) a prison               d) a fortress

What is a symbol of England?

        a) a rose                  b) a thistle

        c) a daffodil            d) a shamrock

The kilt is

         a) a shirt               b) a skirt

         c) trousers             d) a dress

   The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from

          a) Wales          b) Ireland

          c) Scotland      d) England

What is the national instrument of Scotland?

          a) the violin        b) the drum

          c) the guitar        d) the bag-pipe

The 'Beatles' started their career in

          a) London          b) Liverpool

          c) Oxford           d) Manchester

What's the name of Princess Diana's eldest son?

           a) William           b) Henry

           c) John                 d) Robert

What writer is English?

       a) O'Henry          b) Mark Twain

       c) Jack London   d) Charles Dickens

Where does the English language come from?

      a) France           b) Germany

       c) Norway         d) Denmark

The British flag is often called

      a) The Union Jack     b) Big Ben

      c) The Stars & Stripes  d) The Maple Leaf

Oliver Cromwell was

       a) the king          b) the prime-minister

       c) the protector   d) the Lord Chancellor

The capital of Northern Ireland is

   a) Dublin            b) London

   c) Cardiff            d) Belfast

   Where is the Poet's Corner situated?

a) in the Tower                  b) in Hide Park

c) in Westminster Abbey  d) in Buckingham Palace

Madam Tussaud's is a museum of

   a) paintings           b)  ancient coins

   c) jewelry              d) wax figures

William Shakespeare was buried in

    a) Westminster Abbey    b) St.Paul's Cathedral

     c) Trinity Church            d) The Tower

Oliver Cromwell was

      a) the King     b) the Prime-minister

       c) the Protector  d) the Lord Chancellor

The capital of Northern Ireland is

      a) Dublin           b) London

      c) Cardiff           d) Belfast

The Tower of London was founded by

    a) Julius Caesar     b) Henry I

    c)William the Conqueror   d) King Alfred

William Shakespeare wrote

      a) 37 plays,152 sonnets    b) 39 plays,154 sonnets

      c) 35 plays,156 sonnets    d) 36 plays,155 sonnets

William Shakespeare built a theatre and called it

      a) The Swan         b) The Royal

      c) The Globe        d) The Earth

The famous Globe Theatre is situated in

      a) Stratford-on-Avon     b) London

       c) Oxford                        d) Glasgow

What play is the tragedy?

        a) "Henry IY                               b)"Othello"

       c)"The Taming of  the Shrew"    d)"Much Ado About

The Stature of Eros is in the middle of

       a) Trafalgar Square    b) Hyde Park

       c) Fleet Street            d) Piccadilly Circus

Oxford University is a federation of

        a) 35            b) 45
        c) 25           d) 65 colleges

Changing of the guard takes place in front of

     a) The Houses of Parliament   b) The Tower

     c)  Buckingham Palace        d)  Hyde Park
Princess Diana was the wife of

      a) Prince John          b) Prince Charles

      c) Prince William     d) Prince Harry

Where are the British kings crowned?

      a) at  Buckingham Palace      b) at St. Paul’s Cathedral

      c) at Westminster Abbey            d) at the Houses of

What is ‘Union Jack’?

a) famous British writer           b) flag of the UK

c) name of the king                  d) name of the palace

What are the Guardians’ helmets made of?

a) steel                  b) wood

c) wool                 d) fur
What place is not in London?

a) Trafalgar Square       b) St. James’s park

c) Times Square           d) Piccadilly Circus

How many colours are there on the British flag?

a) 2                  b) 3

c) 4                  d) 5

Great Fire of London  took place in

a) 1666                  b) 1566

c) 1766                  d) 1866

Admiral Nelson defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in

a) 1805                   b) 1806

c) 1807                   d) 1808



Тесты 5 класс

Five-Minute Tests
I. Put a preposition from the box into the gaps.
At / without / on / to / about
1. I am worried ….. the exam.
2. She is good ….. singing.
3. She climbs ….. ropes.
4. What is ….. TV tonight.
5. Well, let’s go ….. the cinema.
Answers: 1. about; 2. at; 3. without; 4. on; 5. to.
II. Put do, don’t, does or doesn’t into the gaps.
1. ….. you like red roses? Yes, I …..
2. ….. he work for Toyota? Yes, he …..
3. ….. she go to the supermarket on Monday? No, she …..
4. ….. you learn English on Saturdays? No, I …..
5. ….. they drive to work? Yes, they …..
Answers: 1. Do/Yes, I do; 2. Does/Yes, he does; 3. Does/No, she doesn’t; 4. Do/No, I don’t; 5. Do/Yes, they do
III. Write is / are in the gaps.
1. Where ….. you from?
2. What …. this?
3. ….. they from Italy?
4. What ….. your telephone number?
5. ….. you a secretary?
Answers: 1. are; 2. is; 3. are; 4.is; 5. are.
IV. Put have/has in the gaps.
1. What pets ….. people got?
2. Ann ….. many friends at school.
3. Nina …..a blue dress.
4. All boys and girls in the class ….. books and pens.
5. His cat ….. three kittens.
Answers: 1. have; 2. has; 3. has; 4. have; 5. has.
V. Choose the correct verb.
1. At weekends Ali cook/cooks dinner for his friends.
2. When does/do you get up?
3. Andrew and I like/likes playing tennis.
4. Tom have/has lunch at work.
5. John lives/live in London.
Answers: 1. cooks; 2. do; 3. like; 4. has; 5. lives.
VI. Complete the sentences using the superlative form of the adjective.
1. That house is very old.  Yes, __________________ in the village.
2. The Ritz is a very expensive hotel. Yes, __________________ in London.
3. Hambledon is a very pretty village. Yes, _________________ in England.
4. Everest is a very high mountain. Yes, ____________________ in the world.
5. This is a very easy exercise. Yes, _________________ in the book.
Answers: 1. Yes, it’s the oldest house in the village. 2. Yes, it’s the most expensive hotel in London. 3. Yes, it’s the prettiest village in England. 4. Yes, it’s the highest mountain in the world. 5. Yes, it’s the easiest exercise in the book.
VII. Put There is/There are in the gaps.
1. ….. a big tree in the garden.
2. …. a lot of accidents on this road.
3. ….. a good film on TV tonight.
4. ….. 11 players in a football team.
5. ….. a train at 11.30.
6. ….. some big trees in the garden.
7. …..a man on the roof.
8. ….. seven days in a week.